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Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

The fateful day has come….


Many die hard Star Wars fans recognize May 4th as Star Wars day in honor of the timeless Jedi saying “May the Force Be With You” But everyone here at CDYNE has important intergalactic question for you…

Will you celebrate “May the Fourth Be With You” supporting the Jedi or….“Revenge of the Fifth” in support of the Sith?textualtees_revenge-of-the-5th_1460697259.fullStar Wars Day-black_360px

Shall we take a vote?

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Votes will be tallied until 5:30 on May 5th and the results posted May 6th

Which side will take the victory?
Check back on May 6th to find out how this epic battle ends.


Microsoft Build 2016

by CDYNE Corporation
Microsoft Build 2016

Last week the annual Build Conference was held by Microsoft in San Francisco and CDYNE was fortunate enough to be able to send a team of developers. They were kind enough to share some of the insights on the major changes that are coming up in Microsoft. I met with two CDYNE developers, Mark and Neil, who attended the conference and shared some of the updates that interested them most.

Coordinates of the Heart

Coordinates of the Heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As usual, there are always those last minute plan makers. Why not use this opportunity for a targeted marketing campaign to help increase your business?! CDYNE has some services that can help!

Using CDYNE’s IP2GEO and Demographics API services you have the ability target specific customers based on location and precise demographics of your choice.

BANG for Your Buck!

Cutting costs and saving money seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. And who can blame them? It’s an expensive world we live in! Hours are spent hunting down the cheapest price and purchasing decisions are made based on overall savings. But there is an important question each person should ask themselves before making a purchase based solely on this criteria– are you willing to sacrifice quality for a good price?

CDYNE’s Newest Addition: SMPP

CDYNE’s Newest Addition: SMPP

Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) is defined as the ability to send short messages between two applications. There are two major advantages of using SMPP over just short messaging. The first is the security feature. SMPP allows for secure messaging by encrypting messages and requires the client’s IP Address to be whitelisted to help prevent unauthorized account use. Each source address can support two on-going connections. The other benefit of SMPP is how it leaves an established connection unlike regular SMS messages which only has a connection when a request is being made. With CDYNE’s new SMPP service that will all change.